At LKC we know that diversity is the key to success. We are therefore seeking further tax consultancy and auditing firms in the greater area of southern Bavaria:

  • We will take over your law firm 100 % or acquire majority shareholdings in a law firm for which you need to find a succession solution.
  • By integrating with the LKC Group, which currently has more than 450 highly motivated employees and 21 locations, your employees will benefit from the interdisciplinary exchange with colleagues from all LKC locations.
  • You will enjoy the advantages of the joint network – in the areas of specialist know-how, IT and marketing as well.
  • Our philosophy is to allow our partners the highest degree of corporate autonomy.
  • Many of the law firm owners whose law firms we have acquired and in which we have become partners are still working (even part-time) and assisting us with client maintenance.
  • We offer your senior executives the prospect of becoming equity partners at your location.

We are also seeking specifically in the greater Munich area:

  • a highly motivated team of about 10 to 15 employees, tax advisors and chartered accountants,
  • a law firm with an established client base, specialising in the auditing of medium-sized companies,
  • with an annual turnover of more than 1.2 million Euro,
  • the law firm should have a high earning power.


Of course, we will treat your enquiry with the utmost confidence and have a point of contact specifically for this purpose, Mr. Nicolas Kemper. You can contact him at any time.