Specialist lawyer for tax law, Solicitor

Prior experience:

  • Universities of Munich and Augsburg
  • Admitted to the bar as solicitor in 2009
  • Worked as a solicitor at a commercial law firm in Munich
  • Solicitor at LKC since 2011

Primary duties:

  • Process representation / litigation
  • Commercial and company law
  • Discernment of client interests in the context of shareholder disputes

Publications include:

  • Ausgewaehlte Spannungsfelder bei der Umsetzung geldwaescherechtlicher Vorgaben durch mehrfachqualifizierte Berufstraeger, NJOZ 2018, 1481 ff. (Selected areas of conflict in the implementation of money laundering regulations by multi-qualified professionals)
  • Die koerperschaftsteuerliche Behandlung der Vermietungseinkuenfte von Sparkassen – BgA oder nicht steuerbare Vermoegensverwaltung? (The corporation tax treatment of leasing income of savings banks – BgA or non-taxable asset management?), DStR 2016, 1509 ff (together with Dr. Stefan Detig).
  • Da bin ich Verbraucher! Was gilt fuer das gesetzliche Widerrufsrecht beim Abschluss von Verwaltervertraegen? (I am a consumer! How does the statutory right of withdrawal apply when concluding management contracts?) DDIVaktuell 6/2016, p. 50f.
  • Die Level-3-Verlautbarungen der ESMA – ein sicherer Hafen fuer den Rechtsanwender? (The Level 3 Announcements of ESMA – A safe haven for legal practitioners?), ZBB 2015, 213 ff.
  • Die Rechtswirkungen der Leitlinien und Empfehlungen der Europaeischen Wertpapier- und Marktaufsichtsbehoerde (The legal effects of the guidelines and recommendations of the European Securities and Markets Authority) Baden-Baden, 2012.

Dr. Frank has worked as a solicitor since 2009 and has been with LKC since 2011. He is primarily involved in judicially enforcing and discerning client interests, in particular in the area of commercial and company law. In addition, Dr. Frank advises on corporate law issues as well as questions of asset and corporate succession. Dr. Frank is also a specialist solicitor for tax law.

Dr. Alexander Frank is your contact person for accounts receivable management, commercial criminal law, company law of all legal forms, corporate housekeeping, legal proceedings/litigation.

Telefon: +49 89 2324169-0