Prior experience:

  • Law studies in Passau and Bonn
  • Doctorate at the Abbe Institute for Foundation Systems at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena
  • Worked for two years as a solicitor at KPMG, primarily advising non-profit corporations
  • Worked for nearly seven years as a solicitor in the family practice of Peters, Schoenberger and partners with the emphasis on providing holistic legal and economic advice to affluent individuals as well as advising foundations
  • Partner at LKC since October 2016 (based in Gmund am Tegernsee)

Key focus areas:

  • Holistic legal, tax and business advice for private wealth
  • Foundation concepts of non-profit and family foundations
  • Company and asset succession
  • National and international foundation law
  • Non-profit law
  • Association law

Dr. Jasper von Hoerner’s first area of specialisation is in providing advice to wealthy private individuals. His advice focuses primarily on succession planning and tax and asset law issues, but he also advises businesspeople with regard to corporate law.

Dr. von Hoerner furthermore advises foundations and associations. This includes non-profit corporations as well as local and foreign family foundations. In addition to the civil and tax advice he offers existing foundations, he is often involved in the conceptualisation of cross-border foundations as solutions in the context of corporate and asset succession.

Dr. von Hoerner is a member or chairman of the board of several major foundations and is responsible for managing the foundations’ assets and directing the business of the foundations.

Dr. Jasper von Hoerner was born in Munich on July 22, 1977 and now lives with his family near the Tegernsee. He is married and has two daughters and a son and spends his free time hunting, especially in the Upper Bavarian mountains.

Dr. Jasper von Hoerner is your contact person for associations / trade associations, corporate succession, execution of wills, family foundations, foundations, inheritance law, non-profit law, Succession and deceased estate regulation.

Telefon: +49 8022 7501-0