Specialist lawyer for family law, Solicitor, Mediator

Prior experience:

  • Studied law in Erlangen and Passau
  • Admission to the Bar as a solicitor in 1997
  • Worked for several years as a solicitor in Berlin and Munich
  • Managing director at LKC since 2012 (based in Rosenheim)

Key focus areas:

Matthias Gross has been representing small and medium-sized companies in all civil law matters for many years, especially in the field of accounts receivable management. He follows a holistic approach based on the specific situation of the company.
When it comes to family law, he focuses on amicable, contractual agreements, instead of costly disputes.

Matthias Gross was born in Stuttgart in 1968 and has been living in Rosenheim for more than ten years…. Mountains, lakes, (beer -) garden…

Matthias Groß is your contact person for accounts receivable management, associations / trade associations, commercial criminal law, corporate and commercial law, corporate law, family law, general civil law, labour law, leasing law, mediation, non-profit associations, non-profit corporations, non-profit law.

Telefon: +49 8031 1804-0