Tax advisor

Prior experience:

  • Since 2013: Vice-President of the Tax Representative Alliance (TRA)
  • Since 2009: Specialist advisor for international tax law
  • Since 2005: Tax consultant, managing director, shareholder at WW + KN (until 2013: SH + C)
  • From 2000: Tax advisor, tax department at KPMG Group
  • From 1997: Auditor for Bavarian financial administration

Key focus areas:

  • Advising family businesses and the families of businesspeople
  • Corporate tax law
  • Restructuring and reorganisation
  • Company acquisitions and sales
  • Business consulting
  • Inheritance and gift tax law
  • International tax law

Matthias Winkler is your contact person for business consulting, company acquisitions and sales, corporate restructuring (reorganisation-mergers-change of form etc.), corporate splits, corporate succession, family foundations, international tax law, tax advice.

Telefon: +49 941 58613-0