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Our excellent multi-talented professionals work closely with in-house subject matter experts to creat well-rounded, tailored and workable solutions for our clients. We do not only discuss problems, but find solutions linked to concrete and actionable recomomendations. Leaving you free to concentrate on your core business and the more important things in life.

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We thrive on cooperation

The LKC Group is a member of and partner in various organisations and associations: member of HLB International and HLB Germany, in the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW) and in the German Federal Association of Mergers & Acquisitions (BM&A).

"In our view, it pays to invest in cooperation and partnerships. It is not only our clients that can benefit from the broader knowledge base. We ourselves are also exposed to new areas and remain agile."
Nicolas Kemper, LKC Holding Partner

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We are looking for additional tax consultancy and auditing firms in the greater area of southern Bavaria and Munich