Chartered accountant, Solicitor

Prior experience:

  • Trained bank clerk
  • Studied law and awarded doctorate in Frankfurt am Main
  • Head of tax division at a leading German automobile club for 4 ½ years
  • Partner at LKC since 2009 (based in Ottobrunn)

Key focus areas:

  • Publicly appointed, sworn appraiser for company valuations of the CCI Munich/Upper Bavaria
  • Consultant for non-capital market-oriented corporations, partnerships and their shareholders as well as association structures
  • Corporate tax law (accounting and reorganisation tax law)
  • Commercial and company law (restructuring, contracts)
  • Business consulting (business valuations, tax-oriented capital investments, special audits including  quantitative and qualitative auditing methods and IT process audits)
  • Non-profit law, sales tax law

Dr. Robert Konold was born on 06/09/1968 in Tuebingen and lives with his family in Munich today.

Dr. Robert Konold is your contact person for commercial law, company valuation, special audits.

Telefon: +49 89 660697-0