Chartered accountant, Tax advisor

Prior experience:

  • Studied law in Vienna, graduated with a doctorate
  • Seven years with a leading accounting firm in Munich, leaving them as a junior partner, passed tax advisor and CA exams during this time
  • Partner at LKC since 1993

Key focus areas:

  • Advising on corporate, tax and accounting law for medium-sized companies
  • Serves on  supervisory boards and as executor of wills
  • Support of non-profit organisations of all legal forms as well as associations
  • Tax-optimised succession planning

Stefan Berz was born in Reutlingen in 1958 and lives in Munich with his wife and twin daughters. To compensate for his various sporting activities (tennis, golf, skiing) he is fond of culinary delights, especially Austrian desserts. Stefan Berz plays the piano, preferably together with other chamber musicians, true to the maxim: always strike the right tone with an instinct for timing.

Dr. Stefan Berz is your contact person for corporate restructuring (reorganisation-mergers-change of form etc.), corporate splits, execution of wills, general auditing and tax advice, non-profit corporations, succession and deceased estate regulation.

Telefon: +49 89 2420828-0