Sworn auditor, Tax advisor

Prior experience:

  • 1971-1973: trained as a tax clerk
  • 1974-1977: worked at a law firm in Landshut
  • 1978: tax representative exam
  • Since 1983: tax advisor exam and establishment of his own law firm
  • Since 2015: partner at LKC

Key focus areas:

  • Annual financial statements of corporations and partnerships
  • Advising individuals and businesses
  • Taxation of agriculture and forestry

Josef Robl heads up our Landshut tax consulting firm where he and his team support our local clients in all tax matters. Josef Robl was born in Wartenberg (district of Erding) in 1955 and now lives with his wife near Landshut. He loves hiking and skiing. He is interested in motorsport, decades after being active in the sport himself.

Josef Robl is your contact person for advice on isssues of corporate succession and handover in agriculture, agricultural accountancy office, balance sheet preparation, company valuation, corporate succession, economic consulting, tax advice, tax and economic advice.

Telefon: +49 871 94310-0