Tax advisor

Prior experience:

  • 1985-1988: trained as a tax clerk
  • 1989-1999: worked in two well-known tax law firms; tax specialist exam
  • 1999-2016: tax advisor exam; establishment and development of his own tax law firm with steady, organic growth up to 15 employees
  • From 2017: partner at LKC including Incorporation of his established tax firm
  • Key focus areas:
  • Tax and business consulting for companies/freelancers
  • Tax and financial advice for private individuals
  • Holistic succession consulting for private individuals and companies
  • Business start-ups/company acquisitions/corporate sales handled with discretion

Michael Rauch is a consummate professional, as reflected in his personal motto: “Successful consulting is built on competence – commitment – foresight for people and companies”. Michael Rauch stands out for his all-inclusive way of working, his sense of responsibility, entrepreneurial thinking, single-mindedness and determination, his fair and diplomatic way of negotiating and his ability to express empathy. As a result, he is able to build exceptional mutual trust with his clients..

Michael Rauch was born in Unterallgaeu in 1968 and still lives here in the region he calls home today. He prefers to spend his free time with his son and his family. He finds relaxation in nature doing a wide range of activities and also in playing his guitar.

Michael Rauch is your contact person for balance sheet preparation, business consulting, company acquisitions and sales, controlling, corporate restructuring (reorganisation-mergers-change of form etc.), corporate splits, corporate succession, due diligence, economic consulting, financial accounting, financial planning, financing advice, international tax law, payroll accounting, personal tax advice, property tax law and transactions, succession and deceased estate regulation, tax advice, tax and economic advice, tax law, tax return.

Telefon: +49 8247 99234-0