Key focus areas:

  • IT audits
  • System and process audits
  • Auditing/analysis of compliance conformity and
  • Risk analysis and risk management

Peter Jordan has been responsible for area of Risk Management & Compliance (formerly IT Risk Management) at LKC for more than 10 years, with the above focus areas.

Peter Jordan has been working with chartered accountants, internal revisions and IT organisations from a wide range of business sectors on these topics for more than 25 years.

This long term work for companies of various sizes and complexity has given him a broad spectrum of experience, enabling him to work efficiently and with great focus.

The core of his approach are risk analyses and optimised measures geared to securing company assets, sustainability and safeguarding business processes.

His professional offering within the scope of auditing and special audits also includes IT system and process audits, based on the IDW audit standards.

Moreover, Peter Jordan has been a speaker and author at Management Circle for many years, as well as working in recognised professional working groups in these areas. In this context, Peter Jordan is also involved in the drafting and further development of specialised, practice-oriented literature and auditing standards for IT auditing.

Having held previous positions in Duesseldorf, Berlin, Luxembourg, Hamburg and Vienna, Peter Jordan feels at home at LKC, where he has now been working for over 10 years in Munich and elsewhere in Bavaria.

The establishment of LKC Jordan as a spin-off of the LKC headquarters in Gruenwald in 2017 made it possible to offer additional consulting services s in the area of risk management & compliance, while remaining closer to his family.

Peter Jordan was born on July 7, 1963 in Frankfurt am Main and now lives with his family (married, two children) in Krefeld.

Peter Jordan is your contact person for business consulting, controlling, data protection, IT audits, risk management.

Phone: +49 160 96998645