Chartered accountant, Dipl.-Kfm (MBA), Tax advisor

Prior experience:

  • Studied business administration at the University of Augsburg
  • At LKC since 1994
  • Appointed as tax advisor in 2001
  • Certified chartered accountant since 2003
  • Partner at LKC since 2007 (based in Gruenwald)

Key focus areas:

  • Auditing of annual and consolidated financial statements
  • Due diligence audits in the areas of balance sheet analysis, taxes
  • Analysis and consulting in business issues (including company valuations)
  • Tax support of companies and their shareholders
  • Inheritance tax law: effects on companies and their shareholders
  • Energy industry audits and certificates (EEG, KWKG)

Robert M. Beck is a so-called “home-grown” LKC partner. After graduating with a focus on auditing, taxation and law, he began his career at LKC which then developed through the various responsibilities he has held within LKC and the two professional exams he has passed. In 2007 he accepted the offer to join the partnership.

He assists the company and its shareholders in tax issues, including the effects on the balance sheet and at the level of the shareholders. In particular, he advises medium-sized, owner-managed companies of all legal forms.

Robert M. Beck was born in Munich, which is still home for him and his family. He enjoys actively playing football as well as more passively analysing the game as a coach.

Robert M. Beck is your contact person for annual financial statement audits, auditing (annual and consolidated financial statements), balance sheet preparation, business consulting, company acquisitions and sales, controlling, corporate restructuring (reorganisation-mergers-change of form etc.), corporate splits, corporate succession, due diligence, economic consulting, family foundations, financial planning, financing advice, international tax law, personal tax advice, property tax law and transactions, restructuring, risk management, special audits, tax and economic advice, tax return.

Telefon: +49 89 546701-0