Managing partner of our cooperation partner LKC Transaction GmbH

Prior experience:

  • Studied law in Wuerzburg and Bonn
  • Legal internships in Hamburg, London and Brussels
  • Deutsche Bank AG: trainee, assistant to the board, director of the Guetersloh branch, central director in Frankfurt and London, member of the board of directors in Hamburg, managing director for Central Europe
  • Mizuho Bank AG: member and spokesman of the board
  • Managing partner of M&A Exchange GmbH
  • Managing partner of LKC Transaction (based in Gruenwald, district of Munich)

Key focus areas:

  • Structural improvements in medium-sized companies
  • Process control with succession concepts
  • Corporate finance
  • Member of various advisory boards of medium-sized companies

Matthias Schwierz specialises in process control during the acquisition and sale of companies, shareholdings, takeover and succession. He advises medium-sized and owner-managed companies in terms of economics, finances and strategy.
He is a member of several advisory boards of mid-sized companies and has authored a variety of publications relating to corporate acquisitions and sales, including a commentary in the M&A guide “Managing M&A projects successfully”.

Dr. Schwierz has been chairman of the board of the German Federal Association of Mergers & Acquisitions since 2014 (

Matthias Schwierz was born in Duesseldorf in 1957 and lives with his family in Munich. He loves classical music, playing golf and hunting.

Dr. Matthias Schwierz is your contact person for company acquisitions and sales, corporate succession, financial planning, financing advice, mergers and acquisitions.

Telefon: +49 89 546701-0